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Murray is from Scotland and launched Ficus in 2018. The space is inspired by his grandmother, Elizabeth, with whom he lived when he was a student. An accomplished businesswoman and highly experienced florist, Elizabeth owned several flower shops in Edinburgh and was a huge influence on Murray. The name “FICUS” honours Elizabeth's keystone shop in the city centre which had a ficus tree at its entrance, as can be seen on the above watercolour depiction of this beautiful store. The African-inspired theme that pervades Ficus reflects the years that Elizabeth spent in Ghana along with her love for African flowers, plants and art (and the odd gin and tonic!)  Elizabeth passed away in 2019 but her spirit lives on through her beloved Grandson and this intimate cocktail bar.


Welcome to FICUS.

Our secret spot...

At Ficus we use the freshest fruits and herbs, the highest quality alcoholes and strive to give the best service in Madrid.

We specialise in cocktails from all around the world and have created a welcoming space where you can enjoy them. 

Ficus Bar
Calle Santo Tomé 8, 28004

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